The World Bank Office in Bogotá, Colombia is seeking for a Social Development Specialist. The Bank is seeking a highly qualified local social specialist who would be hired initially under a 1-year “extended term consultant” contract and would be based in the World Bank’s Office in Bogota. The consultant would provide support in the following general areas for a growing investment program in Mexico and Colombia.


The main function of this position is to support the Bank’s clients in Latin America and the Caribbean Regio, via technical and financial assistance that promotes sustainable development by increasing the physical, natural resource and social capital of the countries in LCR.


– A minimum of eight years of full-time relevant operational experience in social development with a focus on the management of resettlement and community consultation issues, especially in infraestructure projects;

– A masters or PhD Degree in social sciences or in a related discipline;

– Proven capacity to engage in high level dialogue on complex social issues, and to engage both at the policy level and at the community level, with a knack for finding pragmatic solutions in conflictive situations;

– Demonstrated ability to work with a broad spectrum of organizations;

– Strong knowledge and experience with Bank social safeguards (involuntary resettlement and indigenous peoples) and Bank operations, (or with the operations and social safeguards of another development finance institution) is highly desirable;

– Experience with the preparation of social assessments;

– Excellent team behaviors and client orientation, and a strong track record of delivering high quality products in a timely manner and within budget;

– Excellent writing and communication skills;

– Fluency in Spanish is essential and fluency in English is highly desirable;

– Strong command of software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database systems, etc.);

– In-depth knowledge of countries in LC1 is highly desirable.

INTERESTED CANDIDATES PLEASE SEND RESUME TO: (employment opportunities – Other

World Bank Group Opportunities / Consultant / Temporary

Opportunities – Current Vacancies – job number 100404 (LCSSO)

The vacancy will formally close on Monday, March 8, 2010

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